Full English LCD Keypads;




Multiple Hardwired and/or Wireless Zones

Multiple Zones including Burglary, Fire, Panic, Holdup, and Ambush

Multiple User Codes

Multiple Areas

Multiple Keypads

Built in Keypad panics (F, P, A)

Battery Backup

Interior bypass group with programmable automatic interior bypass

Event log

Auto Arm

Telephone line cut supervision with delay

Digital Communication

Reports alarms, restores, and troubles by zone

Programmable entry delay times

Chime by zone

Multiplex Expandability with zone expansion modules

Partitioning by area

Event log with open/close suppression

Event log viewable at keypad

Temperature Display at Keypad -22 to 140 Fahrenheit) with optional Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Sensor

Programmable High/Low Temperature Alarm Reporting

24 Hour day zone trouble



Clean Professional Installations;


Pictures of our competition;





Licensed by New York State Department Of State.


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